is ground work for business network, where all business partners able to communicate in secure, safe and unified matter.

Blockchain is more than framework for crypto currencies. Blockchain is framework for secure, transparent and undeniable data exchange. Framework is excellent base for new business ideas and opportunities, were business process must be inline with legislation, regulation and audit trail.

Business Network

Business networks are distributed connections between partners with mutual trust in data exchange process.

Smart contracts

Business rules, agreed between business partners, defined in data sources and implemented in business transactions.



Privacy, cryptographic, reversibility and audit trail.

Mutual trust

All business network members mutual trusted to each other on data and transaction level.

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Where is blockchain useful?

In all business processes connected with finacial transactions, govermental procedures and autidtrail is needed.


What is benefit of blockchain?

Decrease costs and complexity, maitain and increase value of trust, decrease margin for errors and increases audit trail reliability.


How to put blockchain in our environment?

We are connecting business application on secure and cryptographic way